About Dave

Hi, I'm Dave Cook. I'm the author of award-winning cyberpunk comic series Killtopia, as well as BPM: Beatdowns Per MinuteNinja Baseball SpiritsBust and more. 

I've been crowdfunding comics since 2014, and altogether my campaigns have raised over £150,000. I also wrote a free comic crowdfunding guidebook to help others plan, market, run and fulfil their own campaigns. 

My work's even won a few awards. Killtopia in particular has won three Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards, and a Creative Edinburgh Award.

Aside from comics, I also write video game history books, including Go Straight: The Ultimate Guide to Side-Scrolling Beat 'em Ups, which is published by Bitmap Books.

Lastly, I write regular features for quarterly gaming journal Lock-On, and I've written for a few video games, such as Unbound: Worlds ApartLoot River and Final Fright.

You can find out more about me over on my official site.