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Bust: Issue #1 (Physical copy)


Take a trip to the mutant-infested hell of post-apocalyptic America in Dave's very first self-published comic. It features black and white artwork and lettering by Chris O'Toole.

Released in 2014, Bust #1 is a mash up of Mad Max, The Walking Dead and Fight Club. It follows the journey of Jack, a former card dealer from Las Vegas, who travels across American with his family as a mutant plague erupts across the nation.

Desperate and with nowhere to call home, Jack and his family arrive in Austin, Texas - which is now a walled-in dictatorship ruled by ruthless crime boss, Eddie.

To provide for his family, Jack accepts a job offer from Eddie that takes him down a dark path of survival and violence, stretching his mental state to breaking point. Jack has two choices - continue to be Eddie's lapdog for fear of his family's safety, or go it alone in the horrific wastelands outside the city walls.

Neither option has a happy ending, but time is running out and Jack has to make a choice before his fracture mind collapses.

Bust is a 35-page, A4-sized comic book love letter to Mad Max, which fans of survival horror and post apocalyptic fiction will enjoy.

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