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Killtopia #2 (Digital Edition)


58 pages of story / First released: 2019

King Kaiju joins the hunt!

As the bounty on Crash's head goes city-wide, Shinji reaches out to his former comrades at Koshiro-23 for help; a band of hackers who fight to tear the Killtopia economy down, and break its hold on the population.

Meanwhile, yakuza kingpin Saitoh is closing in on Crash and has ordered his crew of trained killers to bring him in at all costs. If he reaches Crash first, Saitoh will use him to enslave all of Neo Tokyo's mechs as his personal army.

With the fate of Neo Tokyo and the world hanging in the balance, a digital horror from the past lurks on the sidelines. It's watching and waiting for the right moment to strike...

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