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Killtopia #5 (Print Edition)


Concept/Writing: Dave Cook

Art: Clark Bint

Colours: Lou Ashworth

Letter: Micah Myers

Length: 56 pages of story

Humanity’s last stand!

In this fifth and final issue of Killtopia's first story arc, the final battle between humans and machines rips across Neo Tokyo.

It all takes place on the day of Wreck-Fest X. As the bloody gladiator games begin, Koshiro-23, Wreckers and the Nezumi ninja clan enact their desperate plan to defeat #I/O and release Crash from its control before humanity is altered forever.

It's a war on multiple fronts, as the human factions battle across the Sector-K hunting grounds, abandoned military facilities and the farthest outer ridges of cyberspace itself.

Killtopia #5 is an explosive, action-packed finale six years in the making, with gorgeous artwork, stunning colours and a rich story that assesses what it means to be human in a digitally-led world.

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