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Killtopia #4 (Print Edition)


Concept/Writing: Dave Cook

Art: Clark Bint

Colour: Lou Ashworth

Letters: Micah Myers

Length: 53 pages of story

Let’s get bloody!

It's time for Stiletto to finally face her dark and violent past. As the city prepare for the tenth annual Wreck-Fest tournament, she decides to do the right thing and atone for her part in the oppressive Killtopia economy by delivering the biggest reveal of her career.

As we journey through over 15 years of Stiletto's past, Shinji and Omi lead a small warband of hackers, misfits and street punks against #I/O's army of Mechs and killer dolls, led by a corrupted Crash.

Meanwhile, Omi hones her new digital powers and in her attempts to free Crash, comes to understand more about #I/O's twisted goals. The stage is then set for one final war on the killing fields of Wreck-Fest, with the odds stacked against humanity,

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