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Killtopia: Nano Jams (digital) PREORDER


Please note: this is a digital PREORDER. Back in April, we successfully crowdfunded Nano Jams on Kickstarter, and have now opened up orders to anyone who missed our campaign.

We’re aiming to send digital copies before we go to print in February 2025. Stay tuned to our Kickstarter page’s updates and www.killtopia.co for production and shipping news throughout the rest of 2024:


—What is Nano Jams?—

Nano Jams is the first short story anthology in the award-winning universe of Killtopia, featuring the talents of over 40 amazing contributors, including:

Skyler Patridge, Liana Kangas, Bex Ollerton, Gustaffo Vargas, Lucy James, Jason Loo, Scott Bryan Wilson, Lucy Sullivan, Alex Moore, Kim Hu, Laura Helsby, Simon Birks, Sebastian Piriz, JP Jordan, Dave Cook, Clark Bint and more!

Killtopia: Nano Jams is 100% standalone, making it a perfect entry point to newcomers of the series, while also expanding the universe of Neo Tokyo through over 20 mind bending stories based on the theme of ‘media.’

Across over 80 perfect bound pages, the book is full of stories that imagine how today’s media technology, apps, video games, entertainment and social platforms could evolve in our warped cyberpunk future.

(Think Black Mirror meets Ghost in the Shell)

Check it out for the ultimate cyberpunk jam!