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Bust: Issue #2 - Wasteland Ronin (Physical copy)


Set ten years after the events of Bust #1, this 35-page, A4 sized sequel finds Jack wandering the mutant wastelands of America as a vigilante. In an attempt to atone for his past sins, he travels from place to place with sword in hand, ready to cut down raiders and thugs without mercy as a ronin of the wasteland.

Word has gotten around of Jack's deeds and a ruthless raider gang known as The Smilers has picked up his trail. Led by the violent and merciless 'Sackcloth,' the gang has an old score with Jack that they'll stop at nothing to settle.

Meanwhile, Jack unearths a secret from the old America that could restore order and balance to the wastes. He teams up with a 'tech-head' called Lily and embarks on a road trip that leads him on a new path towards bloodshed and insanity.

Can the disgraced card shark make up for the mistakes of his past? Will his metal state be able to handle the horrors that lie ahead?

Find out in Bust #2: Wasteland Ronin, a dark, savage and nihilistic story of survival and morality in a ravaged world. Inspired by Mad Max, Fallout and The Last of Us, Bust is the first comic series that Dave ever wrote and you can relive the origins of his comic career in this newly-reprinted edition.

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