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Bust: Issue #4 - Steel and Blood (physical edition)


Bust #4: Steel and Blood is the 40-page, A4 sized penultimate issue of Dave's debut comic series. As the series was originally inspired by Mad Max, this issue is our grand car chase sequence - a bloody, violent and intense sprint across the mutant wastelands of post-apocalyptic America.

Jack and Dawn have been cornered in an old Government facility by The Smilers, the most ruthless gang the American wastelands have ever seen. In a last ditch effort to escape them, the make a break for it in an armoured car, triggering a huge car chase full of battle cars, emotional beats and bloody confrontations.

As the chase plays out, The Smilers' leader - 'Sackcloth' - is hot on Jack's heels and closing in fast. The two finally come face to face with a shocking revelation that alters the course of the the 5th and final issue.

Bust #4: Steel and Blood is a dark, savage and nihilistic story of survival and morality in a ravaged world. Inspired by Mad Max, Fallout and The Last of Us, Bust is the first comic series that Dave ever wrote and you can relive the origins of his comic career in this newly-reprinted edition.