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Bust: Issue #3 - A Sackcloth Smile (Physical copy)


Bust #3 is a 40 page, A4 post-apocalyptic road trip tale that follows disgraced card dealer Jack, as he attempts to escort the America president's daughter, Dawn, to her father on the other side of the country. Together with a band of ex-FBI agents and genius engineer, Lily, Jack has everything he needs to complete his mission.

All that stands between them is the merciless mutant wastelands of America. which are home to mutant horrors and roaming raider gangs who will kill outsiders on sight. The most notorious gang in the country are The Smilers, and their leader - the mysterious 'Sackcloth' - is closing in on Jack and his band of misfits.

Bust #3 is a dark, savage and nihilistic story of survival and morality in a ravaged world. Inspired by Mad Max, Fallout and The Last of Us, Bust is the first comic series that Dave ever wrote and you can relive the origins of his comic career in this newly-reprinted edition.

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