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BPM: Beatdowns Per Minute: Issue #2 (digital edition)


PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital edition. You'll be sent the comic in PDF, CBZ and CBR formats via email.

Round Two Begins!

Stone City is in chaos as the mysterious drug ‘BPM’ floods the rave district, turning people into crazed, skilled fighters. The streets are filled with rampaging clubbers who are battling each other in a rage-filled frenzy of fists and feet.

Hot-headed martial arts cop, Maya and her sparring partner, Ashby race to the Stone City police department, only to find the station under siege by a gang of ninjas led by drug cartel kingpin, Turner and his right-hand ninja master, Akari.

In this 38 page explosion of action, Maya must crush the production of BPM while learning how to control her hot-headed combat instincts before they cause those around her to suffer.

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