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BPM: Beatdowns Per Minute #1 (digital edition)


PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital edition. You'll be sent the comic in PDF, CBZ and CBR formats via email.

Stone City, 1993. Population: CRIME!

BPM #1 is the 37-page first chapter of our four-part tribute to retro gaming and the Saturday morning shows we grew up with, like Ninja Turtles.

It stars a crew of martial arts cops and vigilantes fighting across one night to save Stone City from a ruthless crime Syndicate and their dangerous new drug, 'BPM.'

Inspired by games like Streets of Rage, Double Dragon and Final Fight, BPM is full of gaming references, explosive action, bone-crunching special moves and high-stakes twists!

This is the first project released by the comic-creating duo Team Beats, written by Dave Cook (Killtopia, Deadliner) and with artwork by Steve Gregson (B*stard Galaxia)

Rounding out the team is colourist Matt Herms (Power Rangers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man) and letterer Rob Jones (Killtopia, Deadliner)

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