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Killtopia #3 (Print Edition)


Concept/Writing: Dave Cook

Art: Clark Bint

Colour: Lou Ashworth

Letters: Micah Myers

Length: 55 pages of story

War is only a few lines of code away.

The Koshiro-23 hacker group are ready to test Crash's ability to heal the Rot on Shinji's sister, Omi.

Meanwhile, deep within the ruined husks of the Flirtr companion doll factory, the rogue artificial intelligence known as #I/O prepares to trigger its plan to rewrite the nature of humanity forever.

When Koshiro-23's plan takes an unexpected turn, Shinji and Omi's fates are forever changed as shocking revelations about Crash's true purpose and origins are revealed.

As #I/O's master plan creates chaos across Neo Tokyo, superstar Wrecker, Stiletto assesses her life, warring Yakuza clans clash in an explosion of violence and our heroes take a trip into the virtual reality dark net in search of answers.

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