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Ninja Baseball Spirits #1 (digital edition)


PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital edition. You'll be sent the comic in PDF, CBZ and CBR formats via email.

This is the official comic reboot of Irem's 1993 arcade beat 'em up game, Ninja Baseball Bat Man. Created with BPM artist Steve Gregson and the game's creator, Drew Maniscalco, Ninja Baseball Spirits is an action packed five-part comic series.

It all starts with Ninja Baseball Spirits #1, a 30-page comic written by Dave Cook, with art from Steve Gregson, colours by Lou Ashworth and letters by Rob Jones.

When six golden relics are stolen from beneath the All-Star baseball stadium, Champion's Field, the spirit of baseball begins to crumble. The stands are empty, the players have lost their vibe and the entire league is close to going bankrupt!

The Commissioner of Baseball summons the four greatest All-Stars - Jose, Beanball, Ryno and Straw - and gives them special championship rings that transforms them into the Ninja Baseball Spirits. With their newfound ninja abilities, our four heroes must travel America in their high-tech tour bus, The Alabaster and find the stolen relics.

In each electrifying issue, the ninjas must fight against a rival sports team to win back a relic, including Canada's hockey barbarians and their leader, Wayne Deathslap, Chicago's Basketbrawlers and their captain, Three Point Mike, a cosmic pro-wrestling tag team and more.

Ninja Baseball Spirits is a mash up of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Streets of Rage and of course, sports!